Horary – Day for Year timing,..

Horary – Day for Year Timings,..

Out of interest, the ‘call chart’ from the other day,.. As i mentioned these are always real interesting to follow,. If we use day for year progression techniques and go back to the New Moon, in the 9th house, by day for year that equates to around the 10th January 2011,…

Looking though my personal saved charts to see what was going on back then and yes, i called a guy in Mozambique on the 18th of January 2011,.. I was calling him regards music concerts/events in Mozambique,.. That was my first call ever into the country of my mothers birth,.. Now, as i say, in a few months i am going to Moz on a music tour, this is part of our current planning,..

Phenomenal as this chart of our Skype call points to Jan 2011 as perhaps the root of our meeting now in 2013 and my experiences with the Portuguese side of my family history,. As if, i made the effort back then and this is the tree that is growing from such actions,.. How cool is that !?…

So now, to explain myself a little,.
Yes in Horary there are various timing options, “rules”,.. But having worked extensively with progressed charts and Horary etc. with clients in live consultations, what i started to notice was that besides all the timing ratios, ‘rules’ etc,.. There is a basic ‘day for year’ ratio underlying all the skies actions,.. The Moon’s 30 days for Saturn’s 30 years could perhaps be at the root of this function,.. Moses mentions ‘Day for Year’ timing a few times in the Christian Bible too as far as i recall,.. Further, on any event chart, your friend arrives with new vehicle, you can see in that sky perhaps the day he will arrive with his next vechilce, or the purchase chart itself showing the breakdown and eventual sale of the vechicle,.. That chart will roll out by ‘progressed’ timings,.. So it really left me wondering and i simply started ‘progressing’ day for year any old chart that came my way,.. As i suggest, it starts to make sense,..

Also, i do use ther timings in Horary most obviously,.. But as such, this example is an event chart essentially,… The event of us meeting up, so perhaps technically this isn’t a ‘Horary’ chart,..

What was happening for you in January 2011 Joao?

I will look further

Kind Regards,.

2 thoughts on “Horary – Day for Year timing,..

  1. Joao Replies:

    Never thought about all these possibilities – using a horary chart to move
    backwards in time!

    Well, in 2011, beginning, I was preparing to leave the company where I had
    been working 14 years… and dedicate myself fully to astrology and
    hypnotherapy… and my mind was 99% focused on that… I really can’t
    remember anything else… It does have to do with my roots, too… lots of
    people in the family dreamt of “working on their own”, some did it, others
    didn’t… and that did cross my mind at the time… but that’s the only
    point in the memory I can reach…
    I’m impressed with the possibilities, anyway!

  2. Dion Replies:

    Ok this is great as per your location at the time of the call, the recent new moon action in that chart is in the 10th house to your location,. For me it was 9th house,.. Hence your changes involved work and career, indeed they were long term changes and further you mention 14years with the prior post, this then adds up perfectly as 14 years/days was from the full moon to that new moon,. My mention was regards long distance travel to the land of my parents birth,.. That you called from long distance and are family from Mozambique, that i plan to travel to Mozambique for music, My first Tenor Saxophone was purchased in December 2010 and as such, that is the start of my professional music career, so also a very big moment/period for me..

    Further response from Dion,..

    Yes so Saturn rising, that must be your father, trines to Neptune must be our historic family tree through these patriarchs,.. The N.node is the connection,.. The wires we called on, the tunnel through which we spoke,..

    Jupiter 9th could be my mother,. and Mars again would be me,. 9th hse long distance, Cancer/mother/family,.

    Too i would be the Sun Leo perhaps as i am in Sunny South Africa and the only Son of my parents,..
    Mars near Jupiter would be like you say, the corporal discipline in her home life in youth,.

    Initially,. and in my chart my side,.. You would have to be Saturn and i Mars,. Why? because you are the older male and i the younger,.. So as such,. Saturn rising is yourself too in this instance,.. In Scorpio is the Hypnosis therapy you do,. Scorpio being Psychology and deep mind/emotions,.. The Node would be interesting there too as that is what would be understood as the ‘critical factor’ of the subconscious mind,.. The tunnel, speaking tube to the subconscious mind,..

    So you would very much be Saturn,. and yes i the young boy thru mother / father family ties at a distance,..

    Sun in Leo too would be the family as a whole? The upright men? The artistic men,. The religious men,. The sexual men,.. The nobility in the family,.. Your finding me through ‘facebook’ Leo being the Face?..

    I like that a little as the very emotional Jupiter Mars in Cancer has an exit with the Mercury Sun in Leo,.. Like i say, i contacted that guy in Moz in early 2011 regards music/saxophone events,.. Now we are planning with my fellow band members to go there later this year,.. So as such, it shows me as not being so deep in the water as what i at first saw,.. Literally as with the other men in the family, i do have great inner feelings, but too a way of expressing those creatively,..

    All about me,. i’m sorry,..

    We perhaps see Linda and Yvette again Moon Venus 11th house,. This too could be women currently in your life,.. Two of them perhaps, the younger being more sensual, the older more nurturing,..

    Oh ok,. yes Jupiter – My mother because of Pluto opposite Jupiter,. Also the women in the family,. As you mention Grandmothers having to live with these hard men, being rather bitter or ‘political’ themselves as a result,.. Pluto Capricorn,. Uranus Square,. Uranus 6th house, body language,. Aries, brutal corporal punishment,..

    Very interesting,. this is the conversation you were going to have about our family tree, all the characters are here in this call chart already,..

    Mercury into Leo,. recently retro is the timing that it has taken a few years for you to get in touch with me,.. Mercury Just into Leo would be the indicator,.. Who’s in Leo? Family, the Sun,. or Me, the Son,..

    Very very interesting further as it shows the rebellious streak in the men in the family,. Joe and Frank,. Jupiter and Mars,.. Mars Jupiter conjunctions are the ‘liberation fighters’ signature yes?.. So Mars Jupiter there even shows how i get into the political debate on the side of ‘liberation’,.. But yes,. Mars Jupiter closeness shows our determination!

    Interesting too,. The big spread of planets up top the sky,. That’s the big spread of children in each family,.

    The Sun trine Uranus must be the bit that this family member and you are into Uranian things,. Interesting that its 6th house,. Mechanics,.. Very interested in the mechanics of this reality,.. Specifically too because of all the body language and control restrictions from the family past,..

    So yes for you,. you can literally see how this is like an unpacking of your mind,..

    The reversing to the ‘progressed’ new moon is then in the 10th house and you say back in Jan 2011 was the time you changed careers over,.. !!!!! very good,.. 10th hse Careers

    Interestingly too, mine being 9th,. i travelled abroad late 2010 for the first time and since then have been travelling more frequently long distances with my sister,..

    Point being that this indicates long term 30year trajectories,. So for both of us 2011 is the start of a whole new world,..

    See why i do these exercises on event charts in my life?… Yes because you can see where the ‘focus’ is ,.. The sky then generally points to where the current energies are, what’s the story for this episode of the show,..

    In your case it certainly is working with the personality the mind, the career involving both Leo Astrology and Scorpio Hypnotherapy,..

    See all the planets 12th to the Sun?.. That as such would be the deeper contents in your clients minds,. their subconscious material,. So Leo personality has its backstage area,.. Mercury the words you say,. leading to Mars Jupiter the inner contents of their subconscious,..

    Very good Joao,.. Moon Venus Virgo 2nd house would be the money you make from it,.. or too, the explicit means of communication[Merc ruler] you use in the task of unpacking the personality[Leo] during your hypno sessions,..

    December 2016 could be the time we meet face to face,.. I would assume that from Moons progressed entrance into Scorpio,.. Or as such, given Moon Virgo and Moon Libra are both Mercury Venus ruled,. So i.e. still through the channels of my moms sisters,.. Then when Moon hits Scorpio, Mars ruler,. that’s me and Saturn is you,.. So yes,. perhaps this is when we meet or we start seeing fruits of our efforts in the phone call,.. [Actually our next Skype call took place the day Moon was with Scorpio, being 10 deg into Scorpio, i changed the travel calc to October 2017]

    Interesting as i have seen 2016 and travel through music in my charts,.. Was thinking Sister/UK, maybe i should think otherwise,..

    Now,. why do i just use Day for year timing if Horary strictly says u need to use one of three other rules for timing,.. ??

    I use it because as in this instance,.. It works,.. By simply going back to the new moon, in both our locations we can see to the month/year that indeed big changes were going on there,. December 2010 was my first tenor saxophone, i’ve had alto and clarinet flute trumpet before,. but this was one i had waited some time to earn the money to buy,.. By January2011 i was already making calls trying to get moving with it,..

    For you its obvious, your career change after much consideration and patience,..

    So yes,. if we can see immediately its making sense in reverse,. then we can look for all the bits, the characters etc,. and in moving the Moon forward, we should be able to likewise see accurately forward,.

    Simplest operation on the block,. Nothing fancy at all,..

    It very much relies on the chart being an important moment,.. i.e. you have to see yourself in the sky that day,. or the event,. you know,. it has to be a proper event chart,.. or maybe not,. sometimes i use it very loosely and still it works,..

    In my world everything changed years ago, whenever i hear something interesting or someone asks me something i look at the current sky,.. This teaches me, over time, to see everything everywhere,.. Like a hologram and all the bits that make it a whole picture,..

    So yes i use this astrology a lot,. If a client calls its the first thing i do,. For short readings, i don’t even look at their birth chart,.. all the elements from the current world news flow can be inserted into the charts, then as clients call you can know their story from knowing the stories that are out there in the news currently

    Chat later,.

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