The Sun is on Fire,..

Ok this is a great topic, again, don’t get me wrong for perhaps not understanding all the terminology, as such, through years of observation, this is summary of what i can conclude to date,..

The Sun is a multiwaveband transmitter, a massive one at that,..
The Sun is not idle or static as we appear to assume,. The best example is of a video or film where in the background you see a PC or TV screen flickering,. What is the flicker? the flicker is the difference in rates at which the TV in the footage is flickering and as such the rate the camera is taking frames per second,.. As such the TV is always flickering, we just cannot see it because it is happening too fast,.. A light bulb is probably next best example as too it flickers at 50hz for instance as that is the freq along which electricity is transported along our lines,.. So actually that light is not steady at all its flashing 50x per second,..

The Sun is doing so likewise but at a rate of 11 years,. The cycle is technically 22yrs long, but it is a double cycle of 11yrs, so 11 is an easier number to work with as such, i often speak of 11yr then,..

So overall we can say there are 5 years bright and 5 years dim,..
Very good recent examples of this are 1990 Iraq invasion was synchronised with the max solar output,. then 11yrs later 2001 again we had max panic amongst citizens of earth with WTC 9/11 which by 2003 when the sun was too at max output, literally back into Iraq the USA went,… The recent financial low was actually very well synched to the solar output low,. In fact we had one of the longest stretches in recorded history of no spots at all on the sun i think in 2009/10,.. So simply put, the Suns output cycle actually tracks our mass frenzy for anything really,..

2001/3 were classic in that all the US gov required was a pack of highly energised lemmings to launch themselves off a cliff, so as such, with all the protons/electrons about those years as the Sun was blasting off near daily, a false flag 9/11 and subsequent Iraq invasion was an easy accomplishment,..

So first off we have an +-11yr energy wave we can track,.. This is as i suggest most evident when you get news reports coming in as per Chile a few years back, the coldest recorded temps in 88 years,. Yeap you got it, bingo,. because as such we were in a solar minimum that year and 88 years prior we would have been at the same phase in the wave cycle,.. Real elementary stuff,.. So whenever you hear of big events and so many years back, check its not close to a factor of 22/11,. Odds are it is,.. From floods to heatwaves to icy winters, nothing new under this Sun 😉

Then as such, where i mention spots on the Sun or storms,.. As such, literally the Sun rotates, the equator faster than the poles given its a really fluid fireball,.. If i recall correctly the equator at 26 days per revolution,. The Mayans even knew about this, so errr, your kitchen gimmicky products really don’t prove anything regards actual level of civilisation,.. Ancient ‘plebs’ even knew this when most moderns don’t have a clue regards,.. Food for thought perhaps,..

So now what go on regards Sunspots or Solar storms,.. Yes they produce the Aurora in the N and S Hemispheres,.. But further they are literally high intensity blasts that NASA for instance tracks,.. Obviously for all our techie gear’s sakes as high energy pulses love to fry circuits etc,..

The big hint in my early years came through my interest in Shortwave radio conditions,. the upper ionosphere and as such again, folks are tracking this as they look for best transmitting conditions,.. Shows us updates of the conditions there,..

So,. 2 and 2 add up to 4 and as such within 2-3 days of an explosion on the Sun,. whew the proton/electron ‘wind’ stream from the Sun really takes off,. Regularly it’s about 300 km/sec,. Yes that’s Kilometres per Second,. Without our ionosphere we would all be toast within a second 😉 Thanks to corporations the world over we can kiss that luxury goodbye in a few centuries, being so respectful of our biosphere as they are,..

Right, so when an explosion from a sunspot goes off, literally within 2-3 days the wind just outside out atmos lifts from +-300 km/sec to +-800 km/sec, i kid you not,..

In such instance there are two possible out comes,.
Long story short, imagine you are fishing with a float, white and red, red is north, above the water, white is south below the water,.. The float represents our ionospheres magnetic alignment,.. Imagine there were holes in the upper section that then if you turned the float upside down, literally water could enter the floats sphere,.. As such, the orb takes on particles from the environment around it,..
For a proper explanation go here

So it is in space, although a little more technical,. NASA tracks this as the Bz component and as such its either N or S,.. As such, if the wind blows in and Bz is North, we’re all cool, the Ionosphere tenses up and as such we have good comm’s around the world,.. If Bz is South, literally the upper atmosphere starts to take in electrons/protons from the solar wind,.. This degrades the upper atmosphere to the extent that it results in aggravated charges that then seek to be neutralised,. This occurs in the weather as a result,..

Only the IPCC would be dim enough to try convince sane adults that the Sun only produces heat on the earth,.. As we all know weather cycles use the Sun as the aggravator as such which can really suck up some water here and dump it down in thunderstorms over there,.. So if it’s cloudy all month, yeap that’s also the Suns doing,.. So yes one can expect increased weather aggravation all round when BZ component is South and there’s a wind about,..

Hmm this was supposed to be a simple explanation,..
So simply put, we find more aggravation in many spheres of life from weather to office politics to gut bacteria when that wind is up and Bz is South,..

Now too, given its a multi-band transmitter there are Xray waves that reach us within minutes of the blast but they seem to pass right through us,.. These especially imo are responsible for the energising of bacteria in the body and the rise of sickness over the times of elevated solar storm activity,.. Why? because they pass right through our bodies, earth etc,..

Well regardless of my theory, the results are there for all to see,. tracks the actual energy off the Sun, the storms as they erupt,.. tracks the wind just outside out atmosphere,..

Both are used by me in tandem to predict conditions on earth at the time,..

These are largely knowable in advance simply through the 11yr output cycle but also through the research of a J.H.Nelson for RCA radio in the 1940’s,. Through his research he was able to predict upper atmosphere degradation using Heliocentric positions,.. Thence so can we as his info is out there in the public arena,.. Yup, this all lends then to the reality that the solar system is as such one piece of kit, a musical instrument perhaps,.. During the solar max years, literally our whole solar system is strong or pumped up,.. When it is at minimum the whole solar system field is low and similar energies from the galaxy can protrude into our solar system,..

Phenomenal stuff really, surprising the IPCC is able to scam the masses, well it’s not surprising the worlds corporations will do anything they can to avoid responsibility for their daily infringements on the biosphere for profit alone,.. Even if that involves hypnotising the masses into buying into ‘climate change’ a most obviously NLP engineered phrase that no one could possibly deny without being deemed unreasonable by those in ones presence,. after all in 20minutes the ‘climate’ could ‘change’,. So rudimentary yet so deep is the slumber,..

Basically put, even i track Weather, Anxiety and Health concerns via the Suns daily output, just like a ham radio operator might follow such graphs to get decent comms around the globe,.. How novel 😉

Pluto demoted, Ceres promoted to Dwarf Planetary Status,…

This is a big event for the Goddess energy, the Queen of fertility, Demeter, and her struggle against Hades, the dude who wants to rape her all the time,…

So he has been demoted to Dwarf Planet Himself,.. hah,.. he must be fuming,…

That’s big symbolism for the War on Terror, Big Oil and Big Weapons Industries,…. “We don’t believe you,..” Feminine Power coming in here perhaps, and well Hillary Clinton running for a shot at the presidency,. so watch her kick back at Plutonian industries perhaps,…

A very curious facet here is that over these years Eco fuels came into play on world markets/exchanges,.. So Ceres indicate agricultural fuels,. whereas Pluto traditionally indicates ‘fossil’ fuels,.. These years concurrently we are seeing the demotion of fossil fuels and the promotion of Eco fuels,.. Very interesting stellar/earth correlation indeed,..

And then look here, the Degree Symbol for Ceres/Demeter on her Big Day,… 24th August 2006,.. First day of Virgo with a New Moon, fancy that,.. Ceres/Virgo Goddess of the Harvest and Agriculture? Virgo being green fingers etc,.. What less would we expect than a real fitting sky for the event,..

Ceres at 18° Aquarius 318 [Venus]
The masquerade has been long in progress and laughing young ladies at last have forced the final male to unmask.,….

Yeap, fats to you, Pluto ol buddy,.. Relegated to the league of mere asteroid,.
The masquerade here is the tale of which planets are who,.. as they dance about, this is their orbital motions etc,.. the solar system, which has of course “been long in progress,…”

The young ladies is the other three asteroids Pallas Juno and Vesta initially,.. and then I think there is reference to Quaor and the masquerade/dance,.. the fact that they are laughing, they are resonating clogs of high concentration iron still vibrating from the knocks they’ve had in life,… Hence a message here, that their vibrations do indeed stir us here on earth perhaps,..

See the whole thing is as we got Kuiper belt objects now, and lots of them,.. Since the ’92 ’93 Neptune Uranus Conjunction, we certainly have big telescopes and bigger hard drives, processors etc,.. We can essentially process more observations,….

Hence our need to re-classify, what exactly is a planet perhaps,…
Yes, and notice how most of the recent discoveries have been named after female goddess’s,.. Hard core rage chicks in the last few Xena, Quaor, Sedna, who gets her fingers cut off by her father as he,… I think we need a link to that myth,.. Out there story, eat your heart out Tarantino,… “”

I think the “At last “ bit in that symbolic degree reference, is the dent that is indicating, that this is indeed an event,.. Like the scam,.. Pluto is smaller even than our Moon,… did you know that 1730km radius of the Moon to a Pluto rock at 1137km its supposed Moon Charon, is more than half his size at 593km diameter,..

This is a big day then,.. Pluto the rock posing as a planet has been put in his place,…..
We can move on in our understanding this moves us beyond quantum physics, see my comments on Higgs Boson particle regards,.. This is comic books year 2000+ approaching,….

Xena, 2003 UB313 is in fact 1350km in radius,… Bigger than Pluto at 1137km,.. Yet folks are still going to yarb on about Pluto being a ‘planet’, give it up i sayye,..

So cheers to Pluto with the +-560 year orbit of UB313,..

Now Pluto, let me not get wholly scientific/reductionist here, we very often do see Pluto’s effects in the skies/charts/events of the regular life,. So much so that i am at a quandary regards, i loathe relying on Asteroids for any data at all,. Yet Pluto and the Kuipers sincerely do pose some influence,. My only thoughts being that literally the smashing that brought them to bits, given they are primarily iron out in a vacuum,. Couldn’t they ring/vibrate/sing like bells for a very long time,.. Could it not be this abrasive resonance we experience in the life?..


I put an intro piece together some time back for a psychology conference considering the role/source of Monsters in the human psyche,.. Lets look at that further to round up all these Kuiper belt objects,..

About Monsters,..
I would have to put up the case of the Kuiper belt objects as being these facets of psychological haunting,…
Pluto being their ring leader, out over the great waters to the land of the dead,..
Neptune bearing ancient rule over such waters,.. i.e. Stretch of Cosmos travelled past the last Solar System body Neptune indicating symbolically Ocean/Cosmos,.. on the outer periphery being these Kuiper belt asteroids,..

The hypotheses is that Pluto is in fact merely a Kuiper belt object,.. and that there are many of them,… our senses try to persuade us that there is only what we can see,…
But then we find another Kuiper belt object like Xena UB313 and Quaoar,…
In a big black space out there,.. there are big bad rocks,.. and our very existence is ruling upon their measure of inflicted harm,..

The Asteroid belt is their counterpart in the youths kingdom,…
And in 2004 September October I got to see through my practice how people were reacting in fear, unnecessary, as if under great threat,..

Strangely enough unbeknownst to most,…
A rather large asteroid Toutatis,… came so close, as to so close,…
And simultaneously the fear was in the air, you could smell it, people sensed that imminence,.. Many who were on the verge took that leap,…

In many situation,.. the response only futile, as the monster was not real,.. he did not come to pass,…
The balance of life on this earth is flimsy at best,.. our most ancient stories speak of reptile creatures from outer space,.. the Scorpion/Serpent brings death, and Pluto is historically his Lord,…
Pluto is always the monster,.. you literally see him in peoples dreams,..
To clients of reference it was literally experienced as a garbage removal truck that would chase the child in their dreams,..
Strange as it may seem,.. Pluto, having astrological rulership over transformation, waste,…
The literal boogie man,…

Humans are preyed upon for their ‘boogie man’ factor,..
Taboo, the last blind on the way to bed, to the outsider is nothing but a weakness to be taken disrespect,…
On the other side of the show they laugh and gaze merrily,…

Monster boogie man Taboo,…
You can kill a person with taboo,..
The white foam on a sea of culture,…
You can prey,…

Hence we have been preyed upon for many centuries,…
The Transylvanian legends,…
Preyed upon by our own stupidity,.. for our vulnerability
And our inability, to turn to the light,..

These Kuiper belt objects could very much be the hidden rocks in the dark leaving us with the somewhat uneasy feeling all might not be as it seems here, all not in its apparent safe orbs,..