the Musical tones/notes for each day,..

Regards the waves and the right sounds for the start of any given day,. You know, thinking of SA life, i might assume that would have to be a solar tone,.. You know, my world for instance, the bed/window arrangement has it that first thing we see is the Sun coming up through the window,.. Like you say, in SA we are highly dependent on the fire sign trilogy, so as such,.. ?? Maybe its the Sun that cheers us up?..

As far as my knowledge/research of Astrology and music goes,.
The Sun is the key and note of D,.. So that would be 73hz 146hz 293hz etc etc,.. Interesting how they are along the 72 line, i.e. the PHI ratioed five sided star angles,..

But yes, this has all interested me much over the years,.
Are you aware of this ancient schema/arrangment?..

Sunday Sun day, note/key D
Monday Moon day, note/key A
Tuesday Tiw Mars day, note/key E
Wednesday Woden Mercury, day note/key B
Thursday Thor Jupiters day, note/key F
Friday Freya Venus day, note/key C
Saturday Saturns day,.. note/key G

Note the order of the days of the week is then in ‘perfect 5ths’,… ‘The cycle of 5ths’ as termed in music,.. I.e. the note that sounds best with C is G,.. That sounds best with G is D,. That sounds best with D is A,. And so on and so forth,..

Now what always strikes me as interesting,.. Monday for instance, the Moon and the cycles, Monday being the start day of our modern workers week,.. So cycles being the core theme there,.. But yes, the Monday blues comes to mind, regular Monday depression,.. So if Monday/Moonday, then adding lunar elements, sounds, colours, fragrances, tastes, will add to the depression, not lighten it!?..

So perhaps we can think of it like that, A’s perfect 5th will be the note that elevates its qualities best,.. E Mars action on a moody day? Hmmm, also no good really, good perhaps, but no good if absolute depression is in play, Mars would be as if monday suicides,.. Or doing ones own thing and not going into the office, eventually leading to unemployment,..

So you know, a bit of Alchemy here i guess, we can mix and match,.. It depends what one is after,..

On sunday D one should pay respects to the dead/old cycle, Saturn G,..
On monday A one should look on the bright side, Sun D,..
On tuesday E one should be considerate, Moon A,..
On wednesday B one should maintain direction, Mars E,.
On thursday F one should check orientation, Mercury B,.
On friday C one should think ahead, Jupiter F,.
On saturday G one should beautify ones environment, Venus C,..

That’s an interesting, although not the only way of looking at ‘what should be’ the tone of the day,.. That order is by the way, called the cycle of 4ths, because C is the 4th note on from G,.. Or as such, the note of the preceding perfect 5th,.. 😉 in Jazz it’s called the ‘avoid’ note because it lowers the vibration a whole perfect 5th and music generally tends/likes to go higher and higher,..

Although as you can see from my example above and as we know from philosophy, to slow our selves down is often the better idea for a long term fruitful life,.. Although yes, you can look at this many ways,. On Friday C, to be considerate of death Saturn G is a good thing perhaps,.. Being Jovial Jupiter F cam lead to no work done at all on the friday,..

So as per always, no one set, cast in stone rules with Astrology and the management of our lives, but choices and systems we wish to incorporate to get certain sorts of results,..