Water Air signs in relationships,.

This applies to close local planets Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars in most respects,.

Air signs are see-through,. in fact they often come across as vapid or insincere,..

…….especially to water signs who refract/bend light like a lens or water droplet,.
they often come across as complicated or obscure,..

……especially to air signs who are see-through and clearly direct,.. in fact they often appear of little depth to water signs, given they hide nothing and are often clearly visible to all, like a window or clear pane of glass,.

The water signs assume that being of depth has value and that showing all your cards at once is a sign of weakness,. Thus holding ‘secrets’ is power to the water element,. Whereas to air signs it’s just apparently cunning or deceptive,.

Yes air signs can learn to be more of this, hold back more, keep quiet instead of speaking their minds as freely as they do,. But this becomes like holding ones breath under water to them, they run out of air and start to suffocate in such conditions,.

Free speech seems vital to air signs,. Keeping secrets seem vital to water signs,.

Like a kite can be seen high in the sky, air signs might become aloof and distant, yet they can always be seen or visually referenced relative to other objects,… A fish on the other hand cannot be seen deep in the water, it disappears as it goes deeper or in clear water, its reference to other objects is still based on refracted or bent light,…

Like a fish looking up through the water, everything looks blurry or very refracted up above, so does not trust things above water and rightly so, it cannot exist there,..

When parties of these various elemental distributions can learn to observe and manage these inherent realities, they can get on to better relationship platforms/understanding,.