By the way Joao,..

In my experience over the years, if i might share some with you here in short, i will perhaps update later,..

You mentioned Edith Fiore material and counselling as if the ghosts of our families past,..

What i have started to do,. well i found it worked well,. Again, like i say, much of my worldview has changed radically in the last decade,. The mechanics of reality,..

In my experience,. you can see the reincarnation of a passing person,. If i may use my grandfather, your uncle as case in point,.. I went to the funeral looking for Chico’s reincarnation,.. Looking for a family member who was pregnant or with youngster,..

Why? Because i have seen through experience that when the dying person, say even over a long period through old age,.. What happens is that their dominant spirit leaves them,. I.e. you could say, do they seem like themselves? No they aren’t ‘themselves’ any more at all are they,. Like Chico in his last months, you know, too old and tired to be himself as we all knew him,.. So one can say the soul has moved on already,..

What i have noticed too is that over the long term seemingly a child gets selected in the remaining family group,. You can even see other children in the family getting closer to that child after such ‘selection’ has taken place,.. So the Alpha Male status in the family shifts in this instance as we are discussing a Grandfathers passing,.. As if the bloodline now follows another dominant male, as if the bloodline chose or knew as the elder became feeble,.. So we even see wealth transfers occurring before the elder dies, not just in the case of the children handling parents finances, but sometimes too the child becomes a success, their career starts taking off,. As if there was a quotient of energy per family and now as the one is not using it, it shifts to the next,.. As such, we see other children even then as in applying for loans or posts in companies as this occurs,. The Stronger child now drives the bloodline as such,..

In Chico’s case,. Frank, his oldest son, had an eldest son called Frank 😉 And now this is the interest, he was divorced and now married again at the time of funeral, his youngest child was 16yrs of age before now, a child with his new wife, the year Chico dies his new wife is pregnant and they called him “Frank”,..

So the oldest son of the oldest son has the now ‘reincarnated’ grandfather as son,..

What i can understand of it all is that,. As we live, we use our Fire to manufacture Earth,. You know, we toil many years to buy the house,.. Then when we die, our Sons Son has a Son and we give the house to our Son,.. Who gives the house to his son who gives it back to us when he dies,..

You get that? Its a loop cycle of sorts,.. So the son is compelled to respect his fathers efforts in life,.. If he does this, then when he dies and his son has a son has a son,. We get our own assets back plus the efforts of two more generations,..

So as such we are all in this together,.. “Soul groups” i find family groups more like it,.. In such light it is in our best interests to treat our children properly and thus we as a family will do well over the generations,. All in this together,..

Nowadays i can meet the new client and question who passed away in the family 1-2yrs before or after their birth,.. Usually it is that person reincarnated that we are dealing with,.. This applies for men and woman,.. Especially with sick new borns, one can query further what the parting family members health picture was like and what their prominent last big issues in life were,.. Odds are the health picture is a now manifest result of this shrapnel from the prior life,..

Very interesting ‘theory’ and very interesting in practice,.. I firmly portent to witness this in most sessions and as such it is very much a part of the historic modern astrological toolkit,.